Can you help with an ingrowing toenail?

Can you help with a persistent ingrowing toenail?

I have persistent ingrowing toenail. Is there anything I can wear to restrict it growing? It can get very sore.

Dr Rob Hicks, Spring Chicken GP gives his advice here

A visit to a podiatrist would be a good idea to establish whether any treatment, for example, removal of part of the nail, is necessary.

It’s important to cut the nail straight across – it’s a myth that cutting a ‘V’ shape into the centre of the nail prevents ingrown toenails.

Apply some olive oil to the skin by the nail and using a cotton bud gently push the skin away from the nail.

Make sure shoes fit well and don’t squeeze the toes. Also avoid tight-fitting socks or tights, and wear natural fibres on your feet to help avoid too much moisture building up around the foot as this makes the skin more susceptible to being pierced by the toenail.

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