Destination Sri Lanka

Destination Sri Lanka

All our coconuts are from Sri Lanka the 5th largest producer of coconuts, they are common in the Sri Lankan diet and the main source of dietary fat.

We buy our coconut oil from a producer who started exporting coconut oil after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Garry, a former field director for “Save the Children”, was shocked by the widespread devastation he witnessed when he visited directly after the Tsunami. He wanted to help rebuild this beautiful island realising that it would take many years for the worst hit areas to recover. He set up a coconut oil processing and exporting business to help support the rebuilding of the country, everything is manufactured in Sri Lanka, the jars, lids, even the cardboard transit boxes – this all combines to support the growth of the local community.

“I came across an article on the benefits of coconut oil about 11 years ago and this led me to research further into this amazing product, I’ve been involved in the industry ever since. The rise in the popularity over this time has been incredible and I’m a firm believer that it is truly a wonderful oil –my favourite tip is to add a tablespoonful to my porridge every day.”

Sustainable, ethical and environmentally responsible

At Spring Chicken we firmly support sustainability and longevity. The trees in our suppliers plantations live and fruit for over 50 years under completely natural growing conditions. No chemicals or pesticides are used.

Our coconut oil is derived from organically certified plantations in Sri Lanka. Any environmental issues are carefully monitored by the Control Union, a highly respected global certifier of organic and eco-friendly farming. But it not just about protecting the environment, Control Union’s Social and Fair Trade Standard (“CU Fair Choice”) is founded in the belief that we need to develop human, social and economic principles too. In order to be certified, a business must comply with the directives. To be certified to Social and Fair Trade standard is a guarantee that the manufacturers are committed not only to sustainable development but also the improvement of social conditions – we are proud to support a supplier that has achieved this certification.

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