My Way - Sinatra , Presley or Sid Vicious?

Frank Sinatra

One of the most popular songs of the 20th century, 'My Way', popularised by Ole Blue Eyes himself began life as,  'Comme d'habitude' (As Usual). It wasn't until Paul Anka heard it in 1967 and immediately knew it had the X factor did it begin to grow into the unforgettable tune we all know and love today. Anka proceeded to negotiate the rights to the song and penned the lyrics specifically with Sinatra in mind. 

However, the life of this song nearly had another even stranger twist as David Bowie's publicist, Kenneth Pitt had asked Bowie to write lyrics for 'Comme d'habitude' but the working title 'Even A Fool Learns To Love' never evolved into anything significant for Bowie, it has been quoted as later becoming the inspiration for 'Life On Mars'.

'And now the end is near........' has left My Way with another claim to fame, it is said to be still the most played song at British funerals. 

The list of singers that have covered this 4 1/2 minutes of genius reads as a Who's Who of 20th century popular culture including Dorthy Squires, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Matt Monro, Shane MacGowan, Micheal Buble, Robbie Williams and of course Sid Vicious, the version that was said to have 'destabilised ' Paul Anka.

Whilst many may agree Sinatra is the definitive version, is it actually your favourite? 


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