Zinger Motorised Electric Wheelchair

Imagine a power wheelchair that could be used both indoors and outdoors that is small, foldable with the added bonuses of fantastic comfort and manoeuvrability.

The Zinger Motorised Powerchair ticks all the boxes, suitable for users with good upper body strength this chair has plenty to boast about!

This sporty motorised chair is not only striking but great to drive offering an impressive top speed of 6mph, the same as most power scooters!

We love the trigger grip that easily adjusts speed settings.

You can choose from low (1mph fixed) which is suitable for beginners and to use around the home, medium (0-3mph) to keep a steady pace or high (0-6mph) to get you to your destination quickly.

Operating this portable power wheelchair is different due to its innovative control system. It has two simple levers, to accelerate push down on both levers and pull both levers up when you want to brake or turn, this offers incredible manoeuvrability enabling the Zinger to even turn on the spot.

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The Zinger has no armrests so it can be used like an ordinary chair. This makes it simple to pull up to a desk or table to work or eat without the restrictions of armrests getting in the way.

Worried about comfort? The padded seat offers extreme comfort for those longer journeys.

At a time when you need to get on and off the powerchair there is a clever Swing-Away Foot Plate that allows your feet to remain on the floor at all times giving you complete confidence whilst sitting down and standing up, this also acts as a comfortable footrest.

When the Zinger is not in use or needs to be transported the simple forward folding design tucks into a neat flat package that fits even a small car boot. To open simply pull the release cable to unlatch and raise the Zinger in one fluid motion. It automatically locks open for speed and convenience.

The long-lasting rechargeable battery last for up to 8 miles, it’s simple to remove but you can also charge it attached to the chair if desired. A full charge takes three and a half hours and then you are ready to go!

It can be a very confusing time when searching for an ideal portable power wheelchair and it can be difficult deciding what to go for. A no obligation free home demo is a great way to try out the Zinger and its innovative controls for yourself.

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