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Magiplug Water Level Alert
Description These specially designed plugs help prevent floods from taps left accidentally running. They have a pressure detection gauge built in which releases water from the bath or...
Vibralite Mini vibrating watch reminder
Description Perhaps the smallest, high-quality, user-friendly vibration alarm watch on the market, the Vibralite Mini will comfortably fit the small wrists of children or those who simply prefer...
Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock
Description Start your day off with a buzz as opposed to a siren! Simply set your desired wake up time and place under your pillow, to wake even...
GPS Tracker
Description An attractive pocket-sized, waterproof, GPS tracker with SOS button and 2-way communication. Not only does it pinpoint the exact location of the wearer, but it facilitates a...
Vibrating Timer
Description This pocket-sized timer is perfect for keeping track of time when cooking, taking medication or if you're on the go. The compact design means the timer can...
Wake-Up Light
Description 4-in-1 wake-up light, reading light, dawn simulator and mood light Can be controlled with your smartphone via the free Beurer LightUp app 3 alarm slots and 1-30...
Envirotxt remote temperature sensor
Description Envirotxt is a new innovative device that monitors temperature and power cuts in people's homes. Envirotxt has a SIM card inside which it uses to send text...
Pivotell Advance GSM Automatic Pill Dispenser
Description With all the benefits of previous models, the new Advance GSM dispenser from PivoTell can communicate with your family or carer if the correct medicine dosage hasn't...