Back pain

Back pain and back spasms can be caused by a variety of things, such as damage to the muscles and ligaments. Our back supports and back braces keep you supported to reduce pain as well as our back massagers to soothe and relax. Hot and cold therapy can be a very effective form of treatment for this pain; our heat packs, heat lamps and biofreeze gels all help with relieving and relaxing the muscles to lessen spasming and pain. A posture corrector properly aligns your back to take the pressure off of certain ligaments to reduce pain, our backjoy posture corrector comes in bright colours and is a very stylish sitting device to reduce pain.

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Memory Foam 11 Degree Wedge
Description Good posture is so important in maintaining healthy back muscles and preventing back pain. Place this 11 degree wedge on your car seat, office or dining chair...
Memory Foam Pillow
Description This pillow is ergonomically shaped so that it supports your neck and helps sleeping posture. It is the perfect pillow whether you sleep on your back or...
Portable Seat-Lifting Cushion
Description This lightweight and easy-to-use inflatable cushion helps you to get in and out of your chair. As you deflate the cushion it lowers you gently into a...
Putnams V Pillow
Description Shaped as the letter V, this V-pillow supports your back and shoulders when sitting up in bed reading, watching TV, eating or simply resting. It's made from...
Reach that Itch!
Description We all know how frustrating it can be to have an itch that you cannot reach. This wooden handled extendable back scratcher is the perfect solution. It...
Reflosocks for back and neck pain
Description Reflexology in a sock. If you're suffering from a bad back or sore neck, but taking it easy is not an option, Reflosocks work to relieve pain...
Reflosocks for knee, hip and shoulder pain
Description Reflexology in a sock. If you're suffering from joint pain in your knees, hips or shoulders, but taking it easy is not an option, Reflosocks work to...
Sero Pressure Ring Cushion
Description If you find sitting painful the Sero Pressure Ring Cushion provides relief by redistributing pressure away from the sensitive region. It has a cut out middle section...
Sock Aid Easy Sock On & Off
Description The Sock Aid Easy Sock On & Off is a clever invention that removes the hassle of putting on socks. This sturdy innovative product is fast and...
Spring Chicken Exercise Band Pack
Description Our new and exclusive resistance band kit has all you need to to get back into regular exercise in the home. In your kit you get either...
Stander Adjustable Bed Rail With Pouch
Description This adjustable bed rail can be adjusted in length after installation. It can be used as a side rail to stop you from falling out of bed...
Superest Visco Memory Back Support
Description This soft, velour-covered lumbar support straps to your seat to give you support just where you need it. It is made from a special Visco Memory material...