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At Spring Chicken we pride ourselves on finding the most innovative products to make life easier and brighter. On this page you will find our bestsellers; useful gadgets and accessories that have been proven to work well and make daily life easier. It includes a wide variety of products for activities, wellness, managing your healthcare and simple daily living aids. Browse our best sellers to see which items we think are the best of the best!

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Classic Pro Reacher Grabber
Description The Classic Pro Reacher is just the helping hand you need if you find bending difficult. It features a Gripcert jaw for a firm but gentle grip,...
Ezy-on Sock Aid
Description Have you found yourself struggling when putting on socks? The Ezy-On Sock Aid is a ready to use solution for the often troublesome task of putting on...
Merlin Duo 2 In 1 Vac
Description If you struggle to push a standard vacuum cleaner, but still want great suction even in hard to reach corners, this is for you. The Duo powers...
Neo G Open Knee Support
Description The Neo G Open Knee Support gives support and adjustable compression to your knee without restricting its movement. The open patella design helps with patellar tracking whilst providing...
Men's Incontinence Briefs
Description This is what we have all been waiting for! A brand of incontinence underwear that works brilliantly and looks good! Confitex is a new brand of washable...
Gel Comfort Wheelchair Cushion
Description This gel comfort cushion makes sitting more comfortable. It moulds to your body's natural contours to evenly distribute pressure, provide support and keep you cool. It sits within a...
Slip Resistant Corner Shower Mat
Description This top quality shower mat has been developed with Silver Technology for its anti-microbial properties and independently laboratory tested to meet the new British Standard BS8445:2012 for...
Ladies Flatulence Filtering Underwear
Description Our flatulence filtering pants offer a great solution for flatulence issues caused by conditions such as IBS, Colitis and Crohn's disease. They can be worn by anyone...
Bunion Corrector
Description The Neo G Bunion Corrector has been designed to help with the discomfort, pressure and inflammation experienced by bunions. The support is designed to help the healing...
Long Leg Cast and Bandage Protector
Description If you have a leg cast or dressing that you need to keep dry, why not try this comfortable waterproof protector? It slips over the cast or...
Soxon Sock and Stocking Aid
Description The Soxon is designed to make putting on your socks and stockings a breeze. Supporting the shape of your foot, the Soxon’s soft fabric design ensures comfort...
Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh
Description Keep shoes smelling fresh with these handy cedar fragranced shoe fresheners, simply pop into each shoe to bring the refreshing smell of the forest to your home....