Car Transfers

Preventing falls when getting in and out of the car may seem like a daunting process however with a car caddie or handybar support, you get the stability you need.

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Handy Bar Car Support Bar
Description The Handy Bar is a portable, strong, non slip handle to hold onto as you get in and out of the car. It slots into the strongest...
Seatbelt Reacher
Description Does your seatbelt always seem to be just out of reach? If you become frustrated when trying to grab hold of your seatbelt, the Seatbelt Reacher can...
Fleece Rotating car seat
Description This swivel seat provides invaluable help for getting in and out of the car. The fleece covered foam padded seat is mounted on a turntable that allows...
Description The Carcaddie fits to your car window so you've got a handle to grab onto as you get in and out of your car. No permanent fixtures...