Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids are a key part of maintaining your independence. At Spring Chicken we have a range of easy to use dressing aids and dressing mobility products to help you. Sock Aid, Socky, Steve and Ezy-On on are our most popular sock aids to assist getting socks and compression stockings on. The Buckingham Bra Angel and Bra Buddy are handy dressing aids that allow the user to easily put on a bra when mobility is limited or temporarily reduced following a stroke.

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    Steve+ Compression Stocking Aid
    Description The Steve+ Stocking Aid is specially designed to enable people who wear either open or closed toe compression stockings to apply and remove their stockings with little...
    Steve Glide Dolphin Compression Stocking Aid
    Description Introducing the Steve Glide Dolphin, an aid for open toe compression stockings. This clever and compact device takes the hassle out of putting on compression stockings. Supplied...
    Julia Woven Nightshirt
    Description If you prefer the relaxed look of a nightshirt this is the perfect product for you. The relaxed shape keeps it modern while the pretty floral pattern...
    Frankie Ladies Straight Leg Trousers
    Description These navy trousers are so thoughtfully designed. The fabric is 100% viscose jersey so the drape of the high waisted trousers is fabulous. There are even concealed...
    Limb Protector
    Description Limb Protectors are soft, light and comfortable, easy to wear and offer a protective layer for fragile skin to help prevent skin tears. Premium quality Supima cotton...