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Freedom Electric Wheelchair Spare Battery
Description The 10Ah Li Ion Battery used across the Freedom Powerchair range. A useful addition to increase the range to a further 9 miles perfect for weekend breaks...
Wheelchair cool grab bag
Description A handy insulated bag for storing medication and small food on the wheelchair,  scooter and walking frame. Has an easy clip handle.
Freedom Electric Wheelchair Attendant Bracket
Description Freedom Electric Wheel Chair Attendant Bracket
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Freedom Electric Wheelchair Head Rest
Freedom Electric Wheel Chair Head Rest
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Joy Rider Attendant Control Bracket
Description Joyrider electric wheelchair attendant control bracket, for use only with the Joy Rider folding electric wheelchair.
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Wheelchair - Clamp (Holder)
Description A strong double clamp for holding walking  sticks, crutches and children's scooters on the wheelchair and scooter frames. Multi position mechanism.
Freedom Electric Wheelchair Cushion
Description An extra comfortable and supportive 3-inch cushion which evenly distributes weight and pressure. Ideal for the Freedom A08 and A08L Models. This cushion has two velcro strips...
Wheelchair Plain Black Sunshade
Description A folding, travel sunshade to offer shade from the sun both on a wheelchair, scooter and in the car.
Wheelchair - walking stick holder (Grip)
Description This easy-to-use walking stick holder has a dual Velcro strap and can fasten securely onto most wheelchair and scooter frames. Suitable for holding crutches, it is both...
Wheelchair clip - small
Description A handy solution for hanging bags and shopping from the handles of wheelchairs, scooters and walking frames. 
Wheelchair drinks holder
Description A squashable holder for drinks and small bottles easily attached to the wheelchair or scooter. Showerproof and can remain on the wheelchair even when folded.
Wheelchair side pocket bag
Description A side hanging shower proof bag that can be easily attached to a wheelchair for storing keys, phone, glasses and more.