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Electric Wheelchairs and Power Chairs available with 20% VAT relief to help you keep up with the pace of modern life. Spring Chicken stock an exclusive range featuring the innovative Joy Rider Electric Powerchair that can reach up to 4mph and has a smooth folding mechanism. Our range includes some of the best quality electric wheelchairs in the UK which can be used both indoors and outdoors, with easy folding for storage and transporting that are also Air travel safe.  

Find out about the Freedom Electric Wheelchairs below or give us a call, we will be happy to arrange for an engineer to come out and give you a free home demonstration.

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Freedom Electric Wheelchair Spare Battery
Description The 10Ah Li Ion Battery used across the Freedom Powerchair range. A useful addition to increase the range to a further 9 miles perfect for weekend breaks...
A06L Freedom Folding Electric Wheelchair
Description The Freedom A06L offers all the benefits of the Freedom A06 - plus larger 12” rear wheels and an impressive maximum gradient of 14 degrees. It has...
A08L Freedom Electric Folding Wheelchair
Description The A08L is foldable, compact and sturdy. The optional 3 batteries will supply a speed up to 4mph and driving range up to 27 miles. At the...
A06 Freedom Folding Electric Wheelchair
Description Quick and easy to charge, the foldable A06 is compact, lightweight and travels up to 9 miles via the joystick or attended control. The Freedom A06 folding...
i-Go Folding Electric Wheelchair
Description The i-Go features innovative folding technology, allowing it to be easily transported. The chair has front suspension, a durable seating system and under seat storage. It is...
Foldalite Trekker Electric Wheelchair
Description The Foldalite Trekker is designed to deal with tougher terrains as well as including all the features of the Foldalite. The larger rear wheels and 250W brushless...
A08 Freedom Electric Folding Wheelchair
Description The mid-range A08 travels up to 27 miles, has a top speed of 6mph, weighs 26.9kg and folds to fit in a car boot. Joystick or attendant...
Joy Rider 2.0
Description Wouldn't it be great to have an innovative, foldable, lightweight electric wheelchair that is also a joy to ride? The Joy Rider is derived from the very successful...
TGA Wheelchair Powerpack - Duo
Description The Duo Wheelchair Powerpack attaches to the TGA wheelchairs in seconds. This model has been introduced for users who require further power – if you live in...
Travelux Quest Powerchair
Description The Travelux Quest is a comfortable power wheelchair with a small turning circle and a compact size, making it perfect for use both indoors and outside. It's...
Go Chair Electric Wheelchair
Description The Go-Chair has a sleek and bold style and is available in an array of contemporary colours. This chair has enhanced performance and comfort, along with an...
Pride Fusion Electric Wheelchair
Description Pride Fusion is a power chair that delivers exceptional control. The rear wheel drive system provides great stability at fast speeds and on tough terrain. It is available...

Are you looking to safeguard your mobility and independence? At Spring Chicken, we are here to help. In our exclusive range, we stock some of the best quality electric wheelchairs in the UK. We have chairs to suit all your needs, styles and preferences that there is no doubt you will find a power wheelchair perfect for you. To help decide which model is best for you here of our frequently asked customer questions.


Can I use my powered wheelchair both indoors and outdoors?

All the electric wheelchairs available at Spring Chicken are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you are looking for a chair that is to be used more frequently indoors, then we wouldn't recommend having large wheels as this would make tight turns and small spaces hard to manoeuvre. If you are looking for the opposite and a chair to be used primarily outdoors, then large wheels would be more practical, as they offer stability and traction on different terrains.


What is the maximum weight limit?

Different wheelchairs carry different weights with a weight range that is generally from 15 stone to a maximum of 25 stone. If you're unsure about whether a particular chair is suitable for your weight, don't hesitate in contacting us and we would be happy to help.


Can the wheelchair be folded for storage or transport?

Although an electric wheelchair is a bulky item, you'll be glad to hear that at Spring Chicken we offer models that fold forward, fold into its own pack that fits into most car boots, and wheelchairs that detach into four pieces. All the designs are made to make life easier and more enjoyable. If you are unsure or need some advice why not try our free call back option where we will be happy to help with all enquiries.


How fast can an electric wheelchair go?

The average speed of an electric wheelchair ranges from 3mph to 6mph. Several factors determine these speeds, the first being the user weight, all wheelchairs have a maximum weight capacity and speed will be affected if you are over this weight restriction. The second factor is terrain, of course, the speed will decrease when going uphill on bumpy ground and will be able to reach its max speed when on a smooth flat surface. Another contributing factor to help with reaching optimal speed is the battery, this needs to be the correct battery for the model of wheelchair, and it needs to be fully charged on a regular basis.