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Eyes and vision can deteriorate as you get older. Glaucoma and cataracts are common eye conditions affecting sight. Here at Spring Chicken, we understand how difficult life with macular degeneration can be so we sell a variety of large print puzzle games and jigsaw puzzles so you can continue to play the games you enjoy. We have big digital clocks, magnifiers and high vision lights.


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Automatic needle threader
Description This little gadget is great! There are 2 funnels, for different sized needles, in which you place the needle, eye down. Next you lay the thread across...
Spring Chicken Mini Magnifier
Description This credit card sized magnifier embellished with our very own Spring Chicken logo can be slipped into your wallet, purse or pocket. Great for magnifying menus, timetables,...
Weighted Table Magnifier
Description This 4 x magnifier is ideal for a desk or table. Mounted on a weighted base the extendable, adjustable arm allows you to adjust the height and...
Sod 60! By Muir Gray
Description Sod Sixty! stamps all over ageist stereotypes and empowers us to live a healthy and fulfilling life into our eighties, nineties and beyond. Sir Muir Gray, one...
Sod it! Eat Well By Muir Gray
Description Knowing what we should or shouldn't be eating these days can feel like bit of a minefield. Are eggs good for me? How many of them a...
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Large Print Scrabble
Description Do you love playing board games but struggle to see or hold small items? Our Large Print Scrabble cuts out all the fiddly parts of board games...
Book Seat
Description The Book Seat is a bit like a miniature bean bag for your book, tablet or gaming device. You can place it on any surface and it...
Easy to See Radio Controlled Wall Clock
Description This easy to see wall clock is available in black surround or white. The numbers are large and easy to read from a distance, and it has...
Pill Bottle Opener with 4 x Magnifier
Description This great little gadget should be in everyone's first aid kit. The unique material helps to grip the cap on a pill bottle to undo it. In...
Magnetic Bridge Closing Readers
Description These readers are different; They open and fasten on the bridge of the glasses with invisible secure magnets. When you are not using them they rest open...
Talking Keychain Pocket Clock
Description This natty gadget is a talking clock in a neat 5cm square keychain. On the front is a picture of a clock, a speaker grill and a...
Dual Position Magnifier
Description This A4 acrylic sheet magnifier is ideal for magnifying books, craft work or magazines up to 2x. The plastic frame comes with 2 sets of legs, so...