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Large Print Scrabble
Description Do you love playing board games but struggle to see or hold small items? Our Large Print Scrabble cuts out all the fiddly parts of board games...
Book Seat
Description The Book Seat is a bit like a miniature bean bag for your book, tablet or gaming device. You can place it on any surface and it...
Rolling Garden Work Seat
Description This handy seat allows you to sit down to garden so you can get right down to weeding height without having to bend or kneel. It's on...
Electric cosy footwarmer
Description If you suffer from chilblains, poor circulation and you can never seem to warm up your feet, try this cosy footwarmer. It features a turbo rapid heat...
Handheld infrared massager
Description There is nothing better than having a soothing massage after a tiring day, with the Handheld Massager you can provide relief and comfort for those aching muscles....
Healthy Back Bag
Description This innovative bag distributes weight evenly, making heavy loads feel lighter and reducing pressure on the neck, shoulders and spine. It is the outcome of a collaboration...
Back Massager
Description This wonderful gadget is a great solution to getting rid of knots and tension in hard to reach places such as shoulders, lower back, neck and hips....
Simple To Use Electric Toothbrush
Description This rotating power toothbrush uses rotating and oscillating technology to provide a comprehensive cleaning action that helps to remove plaque and promote healthy teeth and gums. It...
Women's Secateurs
Description Precise cutting every time - Smaller than the usual secateurs – perfect for a woman’s hand. They are made form stainless steel, making them outstanding for cutting...
Merlin Duo 2 In 1 Vac
Description If you struggle to push a standard vacuum cleaner, but still want great suction even in hard to reach corners, this is for you. The Duo powers...
Illuminated 5 x mag Mirror
Description The centre of this illuminated mirror swivels so you can choose between a normal mirror and a 5x magnification mirror. Bright-white LED light around the rim of...
Puzzle carry case
Description This is a unique jigsaw puzzle holder and compact carrier in one. Specially designed rigid non-slip work surfaces allow you to work on your favourite puzzle anywhere,...