Gripping and Turning

Gripping and turning or strength of grip can worsen with age, but at Spring Chicken we believe with a few handy products we can still do everything we want to. Our easy grip cutlery allows you to grasp your cutlery firmly once more. Our electric jar opener and ring pull can opener eliminate the need to fiddle with pesky cans. Our easy grip scissors and nimble packet opener makes packets easy again. Palm grip canes are easy to grip giving you full support once more. Exercising your hands can bring back some dexterity and our hand exercise balls help you do just that.

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£8.33 ex VAT

Easi Twist Jar Opener
Description Do you find lids are being put on jars and bottles far tighter these days? This useful gadget will help you open them in no time! It...

£6.25 ex VAT

Safesip Drinks Cover Twin Pack
Description This drink cover stretches over many different sized glasses, cups and cans so you can drink without spilling a drop. Simply stretch the membrane over the cup,...

£6.66 ex VAT

Nimble Packet Opener
Description The Nimble blade is safe on skin, although it's sharp it's too small to break the skin or cause injury making it a great alternative to knives...

£16.66 ex VAT

Jar And Bottle Opener
Description With 3 different sized indents all lines with a non slip material a jar or bottle can be placed in to make opening easier. Place the item...

£3.75 ex VAT

Anti Slip Jar Opener
Description This anti-slip jar opener will give you a firm grasp on any screw-top jar to make it easier to open. This jar opener is made from 100%...

£7.49 ex VAT

Easy Opening Scissors
Description Our Easi-Grip Scissors are ultra lightweight and self-opening, perfect for those who find it difficult to fit their fingers into normal scissor handles. The continuous loop handle...

£4.99 ex VAT

Pulg Pack of 2 Easy Plug Pullers
Description The Pulg will help you pull plugs out smoothly. Slips over plugs so you can remove them easily with one hand without wiggling and jiggling. A big...

£10.83 ex VAT

Description This Rolls Royce of pill punchers has thought of everything. There are 3 separate apertures to handle lozenge, round and tiny tablet shapes. A simple twist of...

£12.46 ex VAT

No Mess Can & Ring Pull Opener
Description This is a really clever kitchen gadget! It works a bit differently to any other tin opener you've ever used so you have to follow the picture...

£12.49 ex VAT

Gel Ball Hand Exercisers - Set of 5
Description Colour coded gel balls with 5 progressive resistance levels. Squeeze your way to stronger fingers, hands and forearms. Great at aiding recovery from injury or strokes and...

£3.33 ex VAT

Ring Pull Opener
Description Simply place the tip of the can key under the ring and pull the handle to remove the lid. Ideal for people with weak hands and fingers...

£15.42 ex VAT

Ratchet Salt and Pepper Grinder
Description This simple to use grinder features a unique ratchet system the does not rely on you being able to twist your wrist, you just move the handle...