Health monitoring

Managing your health is of vital importance, so here at Spring Chicken we have found many devices to simplify the process. Whether you need a thermometer, blood pressure checker or a BMI scale, we have a range of health care products to help you manage your health.

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Speaking Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Description Keep an eye on your blood pressure at home and be the first to know if something's wrong. This smart digital blood pressure monitor gives a bold,...
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor With USB
Description This blood pressure monitor includes a fully automatic upper arm cuff and a USB cable. You can take your own blood pressure simply and accurately then transfer...
Contactless clinical thermometer
Description This thermometer offers contactless measurements so it's hygienic and safe for you to use. It provides a fever alarm for when your temperature is too high and...
Electronic Bathroom Scales
Description These clever scales calculate your weight, BMI and 5 other diagnostic readings instantly. Choose between Imperial or Metric then see your results displayed on the larger than...
Beurer BF700 Bluetooth Smart Scales
Description Using Bluetooth Smart technology these scales transfer your details direct to your phone, tablet or PC. Your weight, BMI and calorie requirements are all recorded and, using...
Talking thermometer
Description If you find it difficult to read the small markings or display on a traditional thermometer or don't like holding a thermometer under your tongue, then this...
Vibrating Timer
Description This pocket-sized timer is perfect for keeping track of time when cooking, taking medication or if you're on the go. The compact design means the timer can...
Affordable Health Management System
Description Introducing a new health management system that helps you to manage, monitor and maintain your health. The Caros Connect is an intelligent kit of 3 high quality...
TabTime Super 8
Description The Tabtime super 8 is a 'set it & forget it' device which remembers your alarm times every day but can be easily changed at any time....