Heat and Cooling

Heat and cooling are both soothing ways to ease aches and bring comfortable relief to tired legs and sore muscles. Many arthritis sufferers find relief in warming affected joints and find it can help with painful symptoms.

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Thermoskin arthritic gloves
Description Thermoskin Thermal Arthritic Gloves provide warmth and compression to arthritic hands. They are anatomically shaped and have easy-to-fasten Velcro straps to hold them securely in place. The...
Neo G Hot And Cold Therapy Pack
Description The reusable, Neo G Hot and Cold Therapy Pack remains flexible when frozen. The ergonomically designed pack is able to treat larger areas of the body such...
Heated shawl
Description This electric heated shawl can be draped around your shoulders or fastened together to make a cape! Made from a soft, breathable microfibre material, this shawl fastens...
Neo G Hot And Cold Therapy Disc
Description The Re-usable, Neo G Hot and Cold Therapy Disc stays flexible when frozen, providing up to 15 minutes of use in one session. The flexible disc is...
Designer Peg Bag
Description Why not treat yourself to a new designer peg bag? The colourful outer is made of waxed cotton canvas, printed with a beautiful design from the British...
Infrared Heat Lamp - 150W
Description Widely used by medical practitioners, this infrared light eases muscle pain and promotes rapid healing and recovery. The IL21 has five adjustable positions to give you targeted...
Handheld infrared massager
Description There is nothing better than having a soothing massage after a tiring day, with the Handheld Massager you can provide relief and comfort for those aching muscles....
Heat Pad Cushion
Description A comfy heated sofa cushion with three temperature settings. The handheld temperature control is easy to use. The fabric is a soft and cosy microfleece that's good...
Infrared Heat Lamp 300W
Description Widely used by medical practitioners, this infrared light eases muscle pain and promotes rapid healing and recovery. Useful for everything from the common cold to muscles tension...
Heated Seat Cushion
Description This convenient heated cushion, with adjustable shoulder strap, means you've always got a warm place to sit. If you like whiling away the hours reading the paper...
Heated Sleeveless Jacket
Description If you're a wheelchair user or suffer from bad circulation or arthritis, cold weather can stop you getting out, taking exercise or just doing every day things....
Heated cosy blanket
Description If you suffer from chilblains, poor circulation and you can never seem to warm up, try this heated over blanket. This heated over blanket with fleece fibre surface...