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Puzzle carry case
Description This is a unique jigsaw puzzle holder and compact carrier in one. Specially designed rigid non-slip work surfaces allow you to work on your favourite puzzle anywhere,...
Brands that Built Britain 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the most loved brands of Britain! The Brands that Britain Jigsaw comes in 1000 pieces and features some of our favourite brands, many that are still...
1980s Sweet Memories 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the Sweet Memories of the 1980s. The 80s heralded a new high tech age - computer disks, mobile phones, home computers and camcorders. At that time...
Snoozing in the Shed
Description Reminiscent of long warm summer days in chilly dark winter months, the pieces of this 500 piece jigsaw are twice as large as normal. Made from 100%...
Spirit of the '70s 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the Spirit of the 70s with this 1000 piece puzzle. After many economic woes, the three-day week and 25 per cent inflation, the country came together...
Gold Hill, 100XXL
Description The cottages of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset are one of the most romantic sights in England. The 100-pieces of this puzzle are x5 larger than a...
The Village Christmas Tree Puzzle, 500XL
Description This jam-packed festive village square can warm the heart of even the scroogiest uncle this year. The 500 pieces are twice as large as a normal jigsaw....
Family Christmas Shop Jigsaw Puzzle, 100XXL piece
Description With pieces x2 larger than normal, this 500-piece jigsaw ensures all ages in the family can come together and fill the chilly Christmas evenings.
Butlin's in Skegness Jigsaw
Description This colourful, eye catching jigsaw offers memories of a Butlins Holiday. Taken from an authentic railway poster from the golden age of British railway travel the puzzle...