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Large print items make life so much easier when you are suffering from vision problems. Whether it be an easy to see Measuring Jug or a large print Scrabble we have a range of products useful for partial sight and low vision.

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Large Print Scrabble
Description Do you love playing board games but struggle to see or hold small items? Our Large Print Scrabble cuts out all the fiddly parts of board games...
Easy to See Radio Controlled Wall Clock
Description This easy to see wall clock is available in black surround or white. The numbers are large and easy to read from a distance, and it has...
Buttons and Beads 500pc XL puzzle
Description This lovely puzzle brings back all the memories of a traditional haberdashers, with rolls and rolls of beautiful fabric, and lots of buttons and beads! 500 extra...
Talking Kitchen Scales and Jug
Description Talking Kitchen scale with 5kg/11lb capacity also measures liquids up to 1300 ml. The easy to see measuring jug/bowl has a foam easy grip handle and a...
Easy to See Quartz Clock
Description This simply styled wall clock is perfect for those with poor vision as the contrast black on white numbers and markings make it easy to see. Specification...
Playing Cards With Large Numbers
Description These playing cards are standard sized but with extra-large numbers, letters and suit characters so they're quick to identify. If you find ordinary cards hard to see,...
Easy to See Watch
Description If you find that the numbers and hands on your watch are getting more difficult to see this watch might be the solution. Designed with clear numbers...
Spirit of the '50s 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the Spirit of the 50s with this 1000 piece puzzle.With the years of rationing rapidly coming to an end, the future looked promising. The Festival of...
Spirit of the '70s 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the Spirit of the 70s with this 1000 piece puzzle. After many economic woes, the three-day week and 25 per cent inflation, the country came together...
1980s Shopping Basket 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the 1980s with this shopping basket puzzle. As the variety and range of brands grew during the 1980s the growing needs for keeping trim became more...
1980s Sweet Memories 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the Sweet Memories of the 1980s. The 80s heralded a new high tech age - computer disks, mobile phones, home computers and camcorders. At that time...
Brands that Built Britain 1000pc Puzzle
Description Celebrate the most loved brands of Britain! The Brands that Britain Jigsaw comes in 1000 pieces and features some of our favourite brands, many that are still...