Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchairs

We have a range of lightweight folding electric wheelchairs that make travelling easy. They fold within a matter of seconds, so they’re perfect for days out and holidays away. Plus, they’re comfortable and they look great.​

“Are they safe to bring on a plane?” Yes. They have airline friendly batteries, so your independence can carry on overseas.​

Some of our models are as light as 20kg, and others are ideal for use on tougher terrain. We have a variety of innovative designs, so there’s bound to be a chair that suits your needs.​

Give us a call if you need any help. We can get you booked in for a free home demonstration. ​ 

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A06 Freedom Folding Electric Wheelchair
Description Quick and easy to charge, the foldable A06 is compact, lightweight and travels up to 9 miles via the joystick or attended control. The Freedom A06 folding...
A06L Freedom Folding Electric Wheelchair
Description The Freedom A06L offers all the benefits of the Freedom A06 - plus larger 12” rear wheels and an impressive maximum gradient of 14 degrees. It has...
A08 Freedom Electric Folding Wheelchair
Description The mid-range A08 travels up to 27 miles, has a top speed of 6mph, weighs 26.9kg and folds to fit in a car boot. Joystick or attendant...
A08L Freedom Electric Folding Wheelchair
Description The A08L is foldable, compact and sturdy. The optional 3 batteries will supply a speed up to 4mph and driving range up to 27 miles. At the...
Foldalite Electric Wheelchair
Description Within seconds, the Foldalite chair can fold into a compact package that is easy for storage and transportation. It also has an easy-to-use kickstand that allows you...
Foldalite Pro Electric Wheelchair
Description On top of the Foldalite features, the Foldalite Pro has additions to enhance your travel experience. This chair has a larger seat and a sophisticated suspension system...
Foldalite Trekker Electric Wheelchair
Description The Foldalite Trekker is designed to deal with tougher terrains as well as including all the features of the Foldalite. The larger rear wheels and 250W brushless...
Joy Rider Folding Electric Wheelchair
Description Wouldn't it be great to have an innovative, foldable, lightweight electric wheelchair that is also a joy to ride? The Joy Rider is derived from the very...
i-Go Folding Electric Wheelchair
Description The i-Go features innovative folding technology, allowing it to be easily transported. The chair has front suspension, a durable seating system and under seat storage. It is...
Joy Rider 2.0 Folding electric wheelchair
Description Wouldn't it be great to have an innovative, foldable, lightweight electric wheelchair that is also a joy to ride? The Joy Rider is derived from the very successful...

If you need a lightweight electric wheelchair that can be folded in seconds and makes travelling easy, Spring Chicken has your answer. With a wide selection of different styles and features, we are sure there is one suited to you.


Can electric folding wheelchairs be taken on an aeroplane?

The simple answer to this is yes! Designed with travel in mind, the batteries supplied with folding wheelchairs are airline friendly and perfect for taking overseas, removing the worry about how you're going to get around.


Are electric folding wheelchairs heavy?

Here at Spring Chicken, we have electric folding wheelchairs that weigh as little as 21kg; these are perfect for those who love travelling and exploring. Our heavier models are still compact; however, they have a maximum weight of 33kg and are great for taking on tough terrain.


What is the top speed and distance for a folding electric wheelchair?

Although these wheelchairs are lightweight and compact, their top speed and distance range is not compromised. With most models having a top speed of 4mph, you can keep up and move at the average speed of a pedestrian. A distance range of 9 miles on a single full charge battery gives you an excellent opportunity to do what you need to do without worrying if you're going to run out of miles. Some models can also be used with two batteries, doubling the distance it can achieve. A great feature if the chair is to be used for longer periods of time.