Magnifiers are extremely handy when you have limited vision. So whether it be a large table magnifier or a pocket magnifier, you no longer need to struggle with your vision.

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3-in-1 Pocket LED Magnifier
Description This handy magnifier fits into your pocket. It combines twin magnifying lenses with a white LED light so you can read small text more easily. It's great...
Spring Chicken Mini Magnifier
Description This credit card sized magnifier embellished with our very own Spring Chicken logo can be slipped into your wallet, purse or pocket. Great for magnifying menus, timetables,...
Magnifier Value Pack
Description This assortment features a 3x power handheld magnifier with 6x power bi-focal spot lens, a 3x power flip-open magnifier with built-in folding case, and a 2.5x credit...
Pill Bottle Opener with 4 x Magnifier
Description This great little gadget should be in everyone's first aid kit. The unique material helps to grip the cap on a pill bottle to undo it. In...
Pop-up Illuminated Magnifier
Description This pocket magnifier is a compact, 5x power, slide-out magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. In addition, it has built-in bright LED light to give that extra...
Dual Use Magnifier
Description This clever magnifier can be handheld or easily converts to a fully adjustable stand magnifier. It has a built-in LED light that lets you see all the...
SureGrip™ Hand to Stand Magnifier
Description This clever magnifier looks like a classic handheld magnifier at first glance, but don’t be fooled! Built into the rear of the frame are 2 fold-out metal...
LED Mirror x5 Magnification
Description If you want to ensure you leave the house looking exactly as you think you should, with no uneven or smudged makeup or lipstick on the teeth...
Dual Position Magnifier
Description This A4 acrylic sheet magnifier is ideal for magnifying books, craft work or magazines up to 2x. The plastic frame comes with 2 sets of legs, so...