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At Spring Chicken, we’re mobility scooter specialists. Our highly trained team can speak with you over the telephone to understand your needs and identify the scooters most relevant for you. Then, we’ll organise a home demonstration for you, where one of our home demonstrators will come to your house and show you the scooters discussed on the phone.

Our home demonstrations are free of charge and no obligation. 

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TGA Vita Sport - Mobility Scooter
Description The Vita Sport is designed for those who want the ultimate sporty version of the Vita’s sleek design. It is finished in glossy metallic black and has...

Looking for a mobility scooter to make venturing outside more enjoyable? You've come to the right place, here at Spring Chicken we have a vast range of mobility scooters that will suit all your needs and preferences. From lightweight folding mobility scooters, that are perfect for hassle-free travelling to all-terrain mobility scooters that have powerful motors and batteries to make any terrain a walk in the park. Let's look at some of the popular questions we get asked.


What is the difference between an electric wheelchair and a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters, primarily designed for outdoor use, are equipped with rugged suspensions that can handle many types of terrain. They have a large platform in between the seat and the steering column, which is ideal for those who are tall or need a higher weight capacity. Electric wheelchairs, however, are designed for indoor and outdoor use, so they need to find a balance of not being too bulky for indoor use but capable of going outdoors and travelling on different terrain. Overall, mobility scooters tend to be more compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable.


What are the top speed and distance range of mobility scooters?

With our great range of mobility scooters here at Spring Chicken, the top speed and distance depend on which mobility scooter you're looking at. If you're looking for a lightweight folding mobility scooter or pavement mobility scooter, then the average top speed is 4mph, this is to match the average speed of pedestrians. The distance range on these scooters on a full charge at the very least is 5 miles with most capable of 10 miles. If you would like a larger model of the standard scooter than the class 3 mobility scooters have an average top speed of up to 8mph and a top distance on a full charge of 18 miles.


Are Mobility Scooters Flexible?

Unlike wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters don't have a fixed seat. The seat can swivel for easy access, it can be adjusted in height, and the space between the seat and steering column can also be adjusted, making the scooter fully tailored to you. Scooters can also be dismantled or simply folded to fit in most car boots.