Pain Management

Pain Management takes many different forms. Spring Chicken is here to help as we have a huge variety of different types of pain management to offer to you. Whether you’re looking for pillows, massagers, pain relief gel or orthopaedic supports, we have it all here in store for you today. Fibromyalgia and sciatica are two examples of conditions that cause severe pain, we have a variety of products that offer drug-free pain relief to try and alleviate some of these symptoms. Our Shiatsu Massagers and reflexology products are also great at easing away aches and pains.


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Damask Graduated Compression Socks
Description Looking for a unique pair of socks to liven up your outfit? Then you'll love these women's damask graduated 15-20 mmHg compression Socks! Designed for all day...

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Reflosocks for back and neck pain
Description Reflexology in a sock. If you're suffering from a bad back or sore neck, but taking it easy is not an option, Reflosocks work to relieve pain...

£13.33 ex VAT

Reflosocks for knee, hip and shoulder pain
Description Reflexology in a sock. If you're suffering from joint pain in your knees, hips or shoulders, but taking it easy is not an option, Reflosocks work to...

£208.33 ex VAT

Revitive IX Circulation Booster
Description Do you suffer with swollen feet and ankles and tired aching legs? Our bodies need regular exercise, but if health problems make this difficult and you often...

£4.96 ex VAT

Revitive Cooling Foot And Leg Gel
Description Cool and calming gel that will help to revitalise hot, aching and tired feet and legs. This gel has a menthol base to help revive skin and...

£7.08 ex VAT

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel
Description Ease away aches and pains with the Biofreeze massage gel. Our Spring Chicken tester was eager to try out the Biofreeze Gel on a sore shoulder. The...

£13.75 ex VAT

Flexiseq Gel 50g tube
Description Flexiseq is a topically applied gel specially formulated to combat joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Daily application in the morning and evening has been clinically proven to...
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£11.66 ex VAT

Bunion Corrector
Description The Neo G Bunion Corrector has been designed to help with the discomfort, pressure and inflammation experienced by bunions. The support is designed to help the healing...

£33.33 ex VAT

Hip Essentials Kit
Description Here at Spring Chicken we understand there is a lot to consider whilst recovering from a stroke, fall or hip operation. It can be a challenge to...

£37.49 ex VAT

Backjoy Posture+ sitting device
Description Backjoy Posture+ is an innovative sitting device that naturally relieves back pain by optimising your sitting posture. When you sit on Backjoy its patented design works by...

£74.99 ex VAT

Heated Seat Cushion
Description This convenient heated cushion, with adjustable shoulder strap, means you've always got a warm place to sit. If you like whiling away the hours reading the paper...

£49.99 ex VAT

Heated shawl
Description This electric heated shawl can be draped around your shoulders or fastened together to make a cape! Made from a soft, breathable microfibre material, this shawl fastens...