Phones are developing, it can seem almost impossible to find a simple, basic phone for your home but here at Spring Chicken we have a great collection of straightforward phones for you to chose from. Look at our range of both landline and mobile phones and if you have trouble with your eyesight then our big button phones will be perfect for you. There's nothing more annoying than getting up and answering the phone to find out it's just a nuisance call so also make sure you also check out our variety of nuisance call blockers and save yourself from the unwanted hassle.

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Doro Secure 580
Description A simple and practical phone with added safety functions. The Doro Secure 580 features an assistance button and a safety timer that can automatically send an SMS...
Doro Liberto 825 Android Smartphone
Description Ideal for first-time users of a smartphone, the Doro Liberto is full of all the features you would expect from a smartphone without the complexity. It has...
Extra Loud Doro Magna 4000
Description If you need an extra loud phone, the Doro Magna 4000 is just the ticket. This attractive black phone is ideal if you suffer with moderate to...
Doro MemoryPlus 319i
Description This Doro MemoryPlus phone has 4 x 1-touch photo memories so that you can easily contact the people you call the most without having to remember their...
3rings plug
Description 3rings uses modern technology to help you keep a quiet eye on mum or dad even if you live far apart. It's a simple, discreet plug socket...
CPR Call Blocker Protect +
Description As someone who cares for an older parent, you've probably become aware of the confusion and anxiety that unwanted calls can cause. Older people can be particularly...
V5000 Call Blocker with Screen
Description Protect yourself from unwanted callers with this enhanced call blocker device. It features a 3" display screen which displays the number that is calling. It comes ready...
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PhonePlus Telephone Amplifier
Description Phoneplus is a great product if you struggle to hear who's on the other end of the phone. Install Phoneplus to increase the volume of your caller's...
Nostalgic Rotary Phone
Description This rotary dial telephone is a homage to the classic bakelite telephone, with a metal base and handset this phone is not only eye pleasing but sturdy....
Winchester Vintage Radio
Description The Winchester vintage radio is the perfect addition to any home, with a smart wooden finish and analogue controls making it simple to tune into your favourite...
Radio & Cassette Player
Description Bring your old cassettes to life with this radio and cassette player. The radio features both AM and FM stations with rotary tuning. This player has a...
Portable Cassette Recorder
Description Who remembers recording mix tapes from the radio on one of these? When our only challenge was to press record and not catch the DJ's voice? This...