Pill Cutters and Crushers

Pill Cutters and Crushers are a great aid for helping with the preparation and swallowing of certain tablets. A Pill cutter splits the tablet into a more manageable size and a pill crusher will crush tablets into a powder for far easier consumption.

Please ask your pharmacist before cutting or crushing any medication.

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Pill Cutter
Description Split the toughest of pills with this powerful device. Simply place the pill inside the splitter and press down lightly to cut pills into halves or quarters....
Pill Pot and Cup
Description Need to take your pills but no water to hand? This pillbox has a lockable container for water so that it can go wherever you go. The...
Pill Crusher & Pill Box
Description Crush your pills to a powder cleanly and effortlessly with just one twist. The crushing mechanism is super strong so that you don't have to be. This...