Porta chairs

Porta chairs are portable riser recliner chairs. They’re suitable for those who aren’t able to use a remote controlled recliner chair. We have a whole range, so you can find one that best suits you.


Our porta chairs are versatile and great for carers, friends & family to use. Transport through the home or nursing care home is a lot easier, and the 4 castor wheels can be locked in place to stop unwanted movement. They’re comfortablesupportive and the fabric is easy-to-clean to save any hassle.

If you need any guidance, give us a call. Our Occupational Therapists are on hand to help.

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Atlantic Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space Riser Recline...
Description The Atlantic Dual Motor Recliner is not only attractive and comfortable but a tilt-in-space chair too! Designed to offer ultimate pressure management and support your posture providing...
Harmony Porta Mobile Chair
Description The Harmony Porta chair is specifically designed for people who are not able to operate a remote controlled recliner. This manually operated rise and recline chair has...
Boston Tilt in Space porter chair
Description This chair provides multiple positioning options to meet complex postural needs as well as a design which makes the chair easy to push and manoeuvre in smaller...
Brooklyn Tilt in Space porta chair
Description This chair provides the ease of use of an electric tilt in space chair alongside the ability to be used as a portering chair.  This chair would...
Melrose Tilt in Space porter chair
Description This chair is designed to be versatile as well as easy to use by carers.  It provides multiple manual positioning options for comfort and posture through use...