Prescriptive electric wheelchairs

Our leading Occupational Therapist has chosen our range of prescription electric wheelchairs - and we think they’re the best of the best. These chairs are highly customisable to match your style and needs, and there are various configurations available. If you have complex mobility requirements, you can get the most out of life with our prescription electric wheelchairs.


Better yet, we’ll measure you for the perfect fit and seating position. Our Occupational Therapists are on hand for guidance and can advise on accessories and pressure relief, too.  So, give us a call. One of our Occupational Therapists can come and see you at a time that’s convenient for you.


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Sunrise - Q100R Electric Wheelchair
Description The Sunrise Q100R uses an innovative testing method called SMART base technology, so you can rest easy knowing your chair is precision-measured. Starting from £2,750, this rear-wheel...
Sunrise - Q500 Electric Wheelchair
Description The Q500 balances superb indoor manoeuvrability and outstanding outdoor performance. This mid-wheel powerchair starts from £4,995 and is highly customisable to best suit your needs. With a...
Sunrise - Q700 Electric Wheelchair
Description Starting from £6,750, the Q700 is highly configurable and offers exceptional indoor and outdoor performance. The innovative gyro-control keeps you safely on track and the SEDEO® PRO seating...