From Gardening to helpful Gadgets the Spring Chicken Sale has a little something for everyone. Go on. Treat yourself and make your life a little easier.

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Pill Crusher & Pill Box
Description Crush your pills to a powder cleanly and effortlessly with just one twist. The crushing mechanism is super strong so that you don't have to be. This...
£9.99 £4.99
Pill Cutter
Description Split the toughest of pills with this powerful device. Simply place the pill inside the splitter and press down lightly to cut pills into halves or quarters....
£9.99 £4.99
Pill Pot and Cup
Description Need to take your pills but no water to hand? This pillbox has a lockable container for water so that it can go wherever you go. The...
£9.99 £4.99
Automatic needle threader
Description This little gadget is great! There are 2 funnels, for different sized needles, in which you place the needle, eye down. Next you lay the thread across...
£4.99 £2.49
Easi Twist Jar Opener
Description Do you find lids are being put on jars and bottles far tighter these days? This useful gadget will help you open them in no time! It...
£6.50 £3.25
Pack of 4 Switch Covers
Description These are ideal for freezers, fridges, computers in fact any switch that you do not want to accidently switch off. The sturdy black plastic switch cover installs...
£4.99 £2.49
Nimble Packet Opener
Description The Nimble blade is safe on skin, although it's sharp it's too small to break the skin or cause injury making it a great alternative to knives...
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Pulg Pack of 2 Easy Plug Pullers
Description The Pulg will help you pull plugs out smoothly. Slips over plugs so you can remove them easily with one hand without wiggling and jiggling. A big...
£5.99 £2.99
Gardeners Utility Belt
Description This gardener's utility belt is an innovative solution to uncomfortable overloading of trouser and jacket pockets. Keep all your valuables and essentials to hand, and safe, while...
£14.95 £7.48
Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh
Description Keep shoes smelling fresh with these handy cedar fragranced shoe fresheners, simply pop into each shoe to bring the refreshing smell of the forest to your home....
£4.99 £2.49
Easier than Flossing
Description Using an interdental brush or dental pick is a great way cleaning between your teeth especially if you find flossing difficult. They are easy use, just insert...
£4.50 £2.25
Women's Gardening Gloves
Description Our everyday women's gardening gloves feature 3 fabrics that work perfectly to give both protection and flexibility. The palm and fingers are made from tough, hard wearing...
£14.99 £7.49