Shower Stools

Shower Stools offer a safe and sturdy sitting down option for those who prefer to shower rather than take a bath. Shower stools are a vital piece of bathroom equipment to help prevent falls and generally make taking a shower much safer and more comfortable.

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Grey Round Shower Stool
Description This round shower stool is height adjustable and sturdy. It will remain stable, even if you have a slightly uneven floor, because it has some flexibility in...
Corner Shower Stool
Description This comfortable height adjustable triangular shower stool will fit perfectly into a corner, taking up very little space. It features a stable and comfortable seat that can...

Shower stools provide support and help to conserve energy when showering is more convenient than taking a bath. Shower stools for the elderly and disabled provide a more relaxing experience, as well as making showering a much safer experience with the less chance of slipping and causing injury. Feel empowered to take a shower without the worry of causing injury or not being able to do it independently.


How can owning a shower stool help me keep my independence?

Having limited mobility whether elderly or disabled can make you feel that your needing and becoming more dependent on others. Having a shower stool can help you be and feel more independent. Taking a shower on your own will wash away the feeling of relying on others.