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Simple technology can be a great help to those that suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers. Whether it be a reminder tablet that can be remotely accessed by the family to add the most important reminder messages or a Simple music player which plays music simply by lifting the lid.

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Unforgettable 2-in-1 Day Clock - 8"
Description Keeping track of time can be a struggle for all sorts of reasons and can lead to anxiety, agitation, wandering and repetitive questions. The Unforgettable 2-in-1 Calendar...
Unforgettable 2-in-1 Day Clock - 7"
Description This new Day Clock has an easy to read 7" display screen and stylish black surround. Keeping track of time can be a struggle for all sorts...
Doro MemoryPlus 319i
Description This Doro MemoryPlus phone has 4 x 1-touch photo memories so that you can easily contact the people you call the most without having to remember their...
Doro 8040 Smartphone
Description Whether buying your first smartphone or upgrading from an earlier model the Doro 8040 gives an elegant yet simplistic experience, it has a large 5 inch screen,...
Envirotxt remote temperature sensor
Description Envirotxt is a new innovative device that monitors temperature and power cuts in people's homes. Envirotxt has a SIM card inside which it uses to send text...