Stroke recovery can vary from patient to patient. Whether you need a wheelchair or a sock aid to help to put on socks, we have a large variety of products to help you if you're in stroke recovery. Our riser recliner chairs make getting up and sitting down easier and our reachers and grabbers can help with one-handed activities.


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£12.49 ex VAT

Gel Ball Hand Exercisers - Set of 5
Description Colour coded gel balls with 5 progressive resistance levels. Squeeze your way to stronger fingers, hands and forearms. Great at aiding recovery from injury or strokes and...

£41.66 ex VAT

Easy Pour Tipping Kettle
Description This is a truly beautiful kettle designed to make boiling and pouring hot water as easy as can be. Australian designers have created a kettle that will...

£16.66 ex VAT

Jar And Bottle Opener
Description With 3 different sized indents all lines with a non slip material a jar or bottle can be placed in to make opening easier. Place the item...

£15.83 ex VAT

Back Washer
Description You'll find it easy to wash your back with the Etac Back Washer which will give you a smooth massage and clean. The wash cloths do not...

£9.99 ex VAT

Long Handled Hair Washer
Description The ETAC Long Handled Hair Washer reaches all over the head and massages the entire scalp, substituting the fingers when shampooing. Ergonomically designed so you can reach...

£15.83 ex VAT

Body Washer
Description You'll find it easy to wash your body with the Etac Body Washer which will give you a smooth massage and clean. The washcloths do not absorb...

£12.49 ex VAT

Classic Pro Folding Reacher Grabber
Description If you have trouble bending and reaching to dress or pick things up, try a Classic Pro Reacher. It features a Gripcert jaw with soft rubber coating...

£12.49 ex VAT

Classic Pro Reacher Grabber
Description The Classic Pro Reacher is just the helping hand you need if you find bending difficult. It features a Gripcert jaw for a firm but gentle grip,...

£11.66 ex VAT

Classic Pick Up Reacher
Description If you find it a pain to bend in order to pick things up, you'd appreciate the help of a reacher. This Classic Reacher is great for...

£13.33 ex VAT

Long Reach Set
Description This long arced handle and set of 5 attachments is the prefect way to reach awkward places. The interchangeable snap on heads include 2 lotion/cream applicators, exfoliator...

£8.33 ex VAT

Seatbelt Reacher
Description Does your seatbelt always seem to be just out of reach? If you become frustrated when trying to grab hold of your seatbelt, the Seatbelt Reacher can...

£20.83 ex VAT

Description The Carcaddie fits to your car window so you've got a handle to grab onto as you get in and out of your car. No permanent fixtures...