Tilt and Recline Electric Wheelchairs

We know that people can spend a lot of time in their wheelchair. So, we’ve got a range of tilt and recline electric wheelchairs that are designed to relieve pressure. They’re comfortable for long days out, and they’re customisable so you can choose what’ll match your style and needs.

To make travelling a little bit easier, our tilt and recline wheelchairs are also crash tested – meaning you can remain in the wheelchair in transit. Each chair has different functions, speeds, and weight capacities. It can be a lot to take in, but give us a call if you need any advice. Our Occupational Therapists are on hand to talk, and we can come out and see you when it’s best for you.

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Pride Fusion Electric Wheelchair
Description Pride Fusion is a power chair that delivers exceptional control. The rear wheel drive system provides great stability at fast speeds and on tough terrain. It is available...