Tremors are an involuntary and sometimes uncontrollable shake or tremble of part of the body. Tremors can happen at any age although they are more common in older people. At Spring Chicken we have a range of products that can help everyday life with a tremor easier. From Anti-Spill Mugs to the Easy Pour Kettle we aim to make life brighter and easier.

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£14.99 ex VAT

Anti-Spill Mug
Description There is a hidden silicone base to this mug that makes it difficult to tip over if knocked by accident. If you hit it sideways it will...

£41.66 ex VAT

Easy Pour Tipping Kettle
Description This is a truly beautiful kettle designed to make boiling and pouring hot water as easy as can be. Australian designers have created a kettle that will...

£29.96 ex VAT

Free Hand Tray
Description Carry this Free Hand Tray and its contents with only one hand, allowing you to open doors, climb stairs and support yourself safely using your free hand....

£12.46 ex VAT

No Mess Can & Ring Pull Opener
Description This is a really clever kitchen gadget! It works a bit differently to any other tin opener you've ever used so you have to follow the picture...

£15.42 ex VAT

Ratchet Salt and Pepper Grinder
Description This simple to use grinder features a unique ratchet system the does not rely on you being able to twist your wrist, you just move the handle...

£6.25 ex VAT

Safesip Drinks Cover Twin Pack
Description This drink cover stretches over many different sized glasses, cups and cans so you can drink without spilling a drop. Simply stretch the membrane over the cup,...

£27.49 ex VAT

Single place setting of discreet tableware
Description This is complete tableware setting of 5 pieces. You get 1 x cup; 1 x feeder lid, 1 x 7" side plate, 1 x 10" dinner plate,...

£12.49 ex VAT

Wade Dignity Two Handled Mug
Description This two handled mug is easy to hold and virtually unbreakable! It looks stylish on the dining table, it's got large, easy to hold handles and it's...

£10.83 ex VAT

Stay-Put Non Slip Tray
Description This designer antislip tray is designed to keep glasses, cutlery and plates in place during the journey from kitchen to table. The modern design has a distinctive...