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Walking Stick LED torch
Description What a great invention! This LED torch simply clips onto your cane and with a press of a large button the powerful light shines downwards to light...
3-in-1 Pocket LED Magnifier
Description This handy magnifier fits into your pocket. It combines twin magnifying lenses with a white LED light so you can read small text more easily. It's great...
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Talking Keychain Pocket Clock
Description This natty gadget is a talking clock in a neat 5cm square keychain. On the front is a picture of a clock, a speaker grill and a...
Handy Bar Car Support Bar
Description The Handy Bar is a portable, strong, non slip handle to hold onto as you get in and out of the car. It slots into the strongest...
Travel Tim Portable Alarm Clock
Description This portable alarm clock will wake even the deepest sleepers using any combination of sound, light, or vibration. Specification Backlit 24-hour display digital clock Strong vibration pattern...
Pebbell 2 GPS Tracker
Description An attractive pocket-sized, waterproof, GPS tracker with SOS button and 2-way communication. Not only does it pinpoint the exact location of the wearer, but it facilitates a...
Minitell pocket pill dispenser
Description The MiniTell is a compact device for storing pills on your pocket. It offers five separate compartments for your medicine and you can set five reminder alarms...
Set of 4 Travel Bags
Description It’s great to get away, visiting family, a city break or even a cruise, but a suitcase can quickly get muddled and clean and dirty clothes mixed...
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Brompton & Langley Men’s Travel Bag
Description It's lovely to get a new wash bag especially If you are going on holiday or a cruise. This traditional men’s wash bag is just the ticket!...
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