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Our range of compact rollators helps give you independence and stability inside and out.  They’ve been designed to keep you steadyactive and comfortable.

It can be difficult to know which rollator is right for you, with so many things to consider such as which size, wheels, seat height and so on. Quite simply, call our specialist team for advice.

Our product experts can advise you on what product will work best for you and your needs. Plus, they can give advice on measurements and getting the perfect fit.

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    Rollz Flex Shopper Rollator
    Description The versatile Rollz Flex has a handlebar that adjusts in both height (from 80cm to 100cm) and direction of use. When you're shopping, position the handlebar fully...
    Rollator and Transit Chair Combo
    Description This versatile 2-in-1 rollator/transit chair gives you the choice. You can either walk with the support of the rollator or sit down on the padded seat with...
    Let's Go Out Rollator
    Description Step out in with confidence and style with the handsome and compact rollator. The Let's Go Out Rollator has large, spring loaded wheels that make light work...
    Let's Go Indoor Rollator
    Description The Let's Go Rollator is small and neat so it fits right in at home. It's sturdy to give you confidence as you make your way around...
    StrideOn Knee Walker
    Description If you've just left hospital with a pair of crutches, you'll be counting the days until you can give them back again! Stride-On Knee Walker is the...
    Topro Troja 2G Premium
    Description With a high focus on comfort, safety and flexibility, this rollator stands ahead of the competition. The Topro 2G Premium rollator provides unique ergonomic grip that makes...
    Topro Troja Classic Rollator
    Description An elegant and practical lightweight rollator, with aluminum tube and plastic couplings. Easy to fold, requiring little space when stored. Excellent brakes, Kerberos lifter and edge guard....
    Forearm Walker
    Description These walkers have padded forearm troughs or gutters and vertical hand grips which allow you to bear some of your weight through your forearms rather than your...
    Let's Fly Rollator Backrest Band
    Description This backrest band fixes to the handles of the Let's Fly Rollator and gives extra support and a greater feeling of safety when sitting on the rollator....
    Topro Olympos Rollator
    Description The Olympos is a practical and elegant rollator which has been designed especially for you to use outside. The tyres are made to provide you with a...
    Triumph Walking Frame
    Description The lightweight, compact, 3-legged Triumph features just about everything you could look for in a walking frame. It's got a built-in rest seat, a shopping caddie with...
    Rollz Motion Rollator
    Description Sometimes a rollator and at other times a wheelchair. This stylish, versatile travel companion gives you the option to use it as a strong rollator to help...