Wellbeing is an important aspect of daily life; at Spring Chicken we have dosette boxes and pill crushers to take away the stress of medication management and blood pressure monitors to keep an eye on your health. We have a wide variety of items and information in this category so you'll have peace of mind that your health is managed. Browse our wellness section now to find everything you need to keep your heath and wellbeing simple!

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Revitive IX Circulation Booster
Description Do you suffer with swollen feet and ankles and tired aching legs? Our bodies need regular exercise, but if health problems make this difficult and you often...
Happylegs Seated Walking Machine
Description Exercise your legs and feet without leaving the comfort of your chair. Happylegs improves circulation and exercises leg muscles by moving your legs and massaging the soles...
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Joya Mens Edward Leather Shoes
Description Joya Mens Edward Leather Shoes helps to relieve pressures on joints and back and recommended by back specialists AGR, Association Forum Healthy Back - Better Living and...
M7 Heated Mittens
Description Keep your hands warm and dry even in freezing conditions. These heated mittens are powered by a rechargeable battery and give you up to ten hours of...
Pivotell Advance GSM Automatic Pill Dispenser
Description With all the benefits of previous models, the new Advance GSM dispenser from PivoTell can communicate with your family or carer if the correct medicine dosage hasn't...
Pivotell Mk 3 11 Automatic Pill Dispenser
Description This automatic pill dispenser from PivoTell is a great little gadget that won't let you forget to take your medication. An alarm and flashing light will be...
Stander Adjustable Bed Rail With Pouch
Description This adjustable bed rail can be adjusted in length after installation. It can be used as a side rail to stop you from falling out of bed...
Affordable Health Management System
Description Introducing a new health management system that helps you to manage, monitor and maintain your health. The Caros Connect is an intelligent kit of 3 high quality...