Wellbeing is an important aspect of daily life; at Spring Chicken we have dosette boxes and pill crushers to take away the stress of medication management and blood pressure monitors to keep an eye on your health. We have a wide variety of items and information in this category so you'll have peace of mind that your health is managed. Browse our wellness section now to find everything you need to keep your heath and wellbeing simple!

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Midlife Handbook
Description This book has everything you need to make simple, effective, lifestyle changes that will have a real impact on your health and wellbeing. From reducing your stress...
Sod it! Eat Well By Muir Gray
Description Knowing what we should or shouldn't be eating these days can feel like bit of a minefield. Are eggs good for me? How many of them a...
Damask Graduated Compression Socks
Description Looking for a unique pair of socks to liven up your outfit? Then you'll love these women's damask graduated 15-20 mmHg compression Socks! Designed for all day...
Super-Soft Diabetic Socks
Description A comfortable sock with padded toe, heel and sole, ideal for men and women suffering from diabetes. These 90% cotton socks will give added protection to your...
Wedge Cushion With Coccyx Cut Out
Description Good posture is so important in maintaining healthy back muscles and preventing back pain. Place this 8 degree wedge on your car seat, office or dining chair...
Back Massager
Description This wonderful gadget is a great solution to getting rid of knots and tension in hard to reach places such as shoulders, lower back, neck and hips....
Bath Lift Cushion
Description This lightweight and easy-to-use inflatable bathing cushion helps you to get in and out of the bath. As you deflate the cushion it lowers you gently into...
Bedside Econorail
Description If you struggle physically to get out of bed wherever you are this portable bed rail makes it easy. It is strong enough to support someone weighing...
Beurer BF700 Bluetooth Smart Scales
Description Using Bluetooth Smart technology these scales transfer your details direct to your phone, tablet or PC. Your weight, BMI and calorie requirements are all recorded and, using...
Bootclaw Mud Remover Twin Pack
Description The bootclaw is a quick and ingenious new solution for removing mud from the tread of your wellies and walking shoes. Designed and made in Britain this...
Bunion Corrector
Description The Neo G Bunion Corrector has been designed to help with the discomfort, pressure and inflammation experienced by bunions. The support is designed to help the healing...
Classic Pro Reacher Grabber
Description The Classic Pro Reacher is just the helping hand you need if you find bending difficult. It features a Gripcert jaw for a firm but gentle grip,...