Wellbeing is an important aspect of daily life; at Spring Chicken we have dosette boxes and pill crushers to take away the stress of medication management and blood pressure monitors to keep an eye on your health. We have a wide variety of items and information in this category so you'll have peace of mind that your health is managed. Browse our wellness section now to find everything you need to keep your heath and wellbeing simple!

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Classic Pick Up Reacher
Description If you find it a pain to bend in order to pick things up, you'd appreciate the help of a reacher. This Classic Reacher is great for...
Contactless clinical thermometer
Description This thermometer offers contactless measurements so it's hygienic and safe for you to use. It provides a fever alarm for when your temperature is too high and...
Corner Shower Stool
Description This comfortable height adjustable triangular shower stool will fit perfectly into a corner, taking up very little space. It features a stable and comfortable seat that can...
Electronic Bathroom Scales
Description These clever scales calculate your weight, BMI and 5 other diagnostic readings instantly. Choose between Imperial or Metric then see your results displayed on the larger than...
Electric cosy footwarmer
Description If you suffer from chilblains, poor circulation and you can never seem to warm up your feet, try this cosy footwarmer. It features a turbo rapid heat...
Gel Ball Hand Exercisers - Set of 5
Description Colour coded gel balls with 5 progressive resistance levels. Squeeze your way to stronger fingers, hands and forearms. Great at aiding recovery from injury or strokes and...
Grey Round Shower Stool
Description This round shower stool is height adjustable and sturdy. It will remain stable, even if you have a slightly uneven floor, because it has some flexibility in...
Handy Bar Car Support Bar
Description The Handy Bar is a portable, strong, non slip handle to hold onto as you get in and out of the car. It slots into the strongest...
Heat Pad Cushion
Description A comfy heated sofa cushion with three temperature settings. The handheld temperature control is easy to use. The fabric is a soft and cosy microfleece that's good...
Heated Seat Cushion
Description This convenient heated cushion, with adjustable shoulder strap, means you've always got a warm place to sit. If you like whiling away the hours reading the paper...
Heated shawl
Description This electric heated shawl can be draped around your shoulders or fastened together to make a cape! Made from a soft, breathable microfibre material, this shawl fastens...
Hip Essentials Kit
Description Here at Spring Chicken we understand there is a lot to consider whilst recovering from a stroke, fall or hip operation. It can be a challenge to...