Joya Shoes: Sole Types


Joya shoes sit in 2 sole categories. See the guide and decide which one is right for you.


 motion: Walk actively

Features the Joya "activator"

emotion: The joy of walking

Features a soft, elastic Joya footbed

The motion sole was developed to enable active walking and standing. The highlight of this sole design is the midfoot roller, this muscle activating element id known as the "activator".

This specially engineered system promotes great posture and enables a more natural movement process. This option is a great choice if physical fitness is a priority.

joya motion sole

The emotion sole was created to re-invent the joy of walking. The soft, elastic food bed specially designed by Joya absorbs every impact. By doing so it supports effective relief for backs and joints.

The result of this new sole is a true walking comfort. tHis is perfect for those who want to treat themselves (and their feet)  to a uniquely soft walking experience.

Joya emotion sole