Atlantic Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space Riser Recliner Chair

Atlantic Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space Riser Recliner Chair


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The Atlantic Dual Motor Recliner is not only attractive and comfortable but a tilt-in-space chair too! Designed to offer ultimate pressure... read more

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The Atlantic Dual Motor Recliner is not only attractive and comfortable but a tilt-in-space chair too! Designed to offer ultimate pressure management and support your posture providing excellent back support, neck support, and head support and the lateral back cushion gives full lumber support.

The Atlantic Recliner only uses the highest quality materials. The waterproof fabrics combine maximum abrasion resistance with a specially engineered low friction surface. This minimises the risk of shear but also makes it easy to clean.

The Atlantic chair is favoured by occupational therapists as the tilt-in-space motion allows you to get into position without stress or strain to the body because the supportive angles and steady motion mean that friction and shearing are minimised.

An intuitive 4-button handset operates the leg-rests and back-rests by two independent motors giving allowing you to achieve a relaxing position and to help you get up. The handset lives in a convenient pocket at the side of the chair so it's always to hand.

When in a standard sitting position, you are provided with a comfortable and supportive chair. Just press a button to recline, lift your feet, or both. The backrest and seat incline moves forward in one smooth motion to ease you gently and securely to your feet.

Please take a look at the size guide or call our Customer Service team who will be happy to help you choose a chair that is just the right for you.

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Remote controlled electric rise/recliner chair
  • Dual motor
  • Tilt in space
  • Vapour permeable removable seat wrap and cushions
  • Easy care, waterproof fabric
  • Split back cushions with lumbar supports
  • Robust and supportive flat armrests
  • 19' Seat Width - overall width 28 Inches
  • 21' Seat Width - overall width 30 inches
  • 23' Seat Width - overall width 32 inches
  • Seat depth: 51cm (20")
  • Adjustable seat height:43cm - 53cm (17" - 21")
  • Back height: (28")
  • Maximum weight of user: 127kg (20 stone)
  • Safe recline distance: 60cm (23")
  • Battery back up: in event of a power cut battery returns chair to upright position
  • 10V battery included
  • Available in a choice of colours: lime and black, sky and black, steel and black or red and black
  • Call our customer service team to order your free swatches
  • Free delivery, demonstration and packaging removal
  • Delivery time: up to 5 weeks

Please note, as the Atlantic chair is made to order, this item is non-refundable and any faults are covered under the manufacturers åwarranty. Please see our returns and refunds page here for more information.

How to choose the correct size chair

There are 4 measurements you will need to assess which chair is right

  • Seat Height
  • Seat Depth
  • Seat Width
  • User Weight

To measure accurately you must be wearing the shoes or slippers that you would normally wear when at home. Sit on the chair with your back straight, hips and knees should be at right angles and feet flat on the floor. You might find it easier if someone helps you take the measurements.

How to measure Seat Height

Measure the distance from the floor to the crease at the back of the knees. Choose a chair that is not smaller than this measurement. Always go to the closest height above your measurement to ensure comfort.

How to measure Seat Depth

Measure the distance from the back of the hips, along the thighs to approximately 4cm above the back of the knees. When seated you should be able to place 2 fingers between the edge of the seat and the back of the knee.

How to measure Seat Width

The correct seat width should be the width of the user's hips plus 7cm (3") gap on either side. This should ensure arms sit comfortably on the arm rests and that the chair is neither too wide or too narrow.

Your Weight

It is important to choose a chair that is suitable for your weight. The motor that lifts you to standing and lowers you to seated has been tested to lift a maximum weight. This weight is stated in the specification of all the chairs as the 'Maximum user weight'. Using a chair that is not suitable for your weight can invalidate the warranty.

If you have back problems, an assessment by a healthcare professional is advised before you purchase a chair.

The Atlantic Recliner is made to order. The overall production of this chair takes 4 weeks, our helpful Customer Service team will keep you updated at all times regarding the status of your expertly crafted chair.

When your new chair arrives simply tell us where you'd like it to go, (preferably within reach of an electrical socket) and we'll set everything up for you. We'll give a full demonstration, answer any questions you might have and even take away all the packaging.

Want to check the colour's just right for you? Please call our Customer Services Team on 01865 339366 to order your free set of swatches.

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