myhomehelper Reminder Tablet

myhomehelper Reminder Tablet


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Myhomehelper assists people with dementia to become more engaged, less stressed or isolated and more confident in managing their daily lives. It's a tablet computer that sits on the mantlepiece and... read more

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Myhomehelper assists people with dementia to become more engaged, less stressed or isolated and more confident in managing their daily lives. It's a tablet computer that sits on the mantlepiece and displays a clock with the time of day in text form, runs diary entries and reminders, shows photos and even gives news headlines. An Internet based device, it works with Facebook and Skype for messaging and video calling. When the myhomehelper tablet is called it will automatically accept the call and turn the screen into a video phone, no need for the main user to accept the call, or press any buttons. Once the call has ended, and the person who has called has hung up, the screen will go back to the pre-programmed background.

There's absolutely nothing required from the main user who does not need to be able to use a computer. It's easy to set up, you should never turn it off and there's plenty or friendly technical support available. All you need is access to the internet. Nominated relatives manage the timetable of messages, random and specific reminders, diary entries and photos remotely from their personal computer via the myhomehelper user page. A simple message such as "The hairdresser is coming at 10 in the morning" can really help to orientate a person living with dementia, thereby reducing confusion and anxiety. You can even attach a photo so they can recognise the person when they arrive and reminder messages can be accompanied by a sound effect to ensure they are noticed. myhomehelper can remind the user when it's bedtime too: at a pre-set time, it will send a bedtime message then the light will dim to a low, over-night setting. This means it can be kept in the bedroom without a bright screen making it difficult to sleep.

There's complete control and flexibility. You can set different sorts of reminders to appear regularly or occasionally, at any time of the day or any day of the week. There's no limit to the number of people who can access the user page. However you can choose who does what. So, for example, if you want Cousin Tom to be able put up a photo now and then, but you'd rather be in charge of the diary, that's fine.

My Home Helper has been proven to help to encourage social interaction in people living with dementia. Seeing familiar photos on the tablet can help prompt conversations and evoke memories. The use of Facebook messaging is a great way to keep in touch with distant family and friends. It's all completely safe as you manage the Facebook page remotely but allow appropriate messages to feed through. myhomehelper can also be used for Skype calls. There's no need for the main user to press any buttons. The call will come through and then disconnect automatically. Families find that being able to chat in this way helps them feel closer. You can even select popular News feeds to interject news headlines between reminders. Research shows that this not only helps to give an idea about what's going on in the World, but it holds the users interest in the tablet and makes them far more likely to respond to the messages it displays.

Set up is easy and a 12 month subscription is included in the price. You just need an Internet connection and your myhomehelper Password. The tablet clock starts working straight away and then you can go to your on-line account to start setting up your timetable of diary entries and reminders, uploading photos and so on. The myhomehelper team is there to give you email support if required, but the user guide is very comprehensive and easy to follow.

Should the Internet connection or power be lost, you will be alerted via text or email. Don't worry, myhomehelper will carry on using its inbuilt battery back up for up to 16 hours and all your stored messages will continue to display.

Our package price includes a 12 month subscription to the myhomehelper service, after which myhomehelper will contact you directly to arrange a further subscription as required.

  • An on-line digital display tablet plus 12 months' subscription: helps support dementia sufferers
  • Reduces anxiety, boredom and isolation
  • Encourages social interaction and independent living
  • A specially configured tablet computer with 9.7" display and tablet stand
  • Internet connection required
  • Calendar clock with time of day text
  • Displays diary entries, messages and reminders
  • Reminders can be accompanied by a sound alert: Displays News headlines
  • Upload photos of family and friends
  • Facebook messaging and Skype Video Calls
  • Night mode: tablet dims and messages stop during specified hours
  • Relatives and carers can manage all features remotely
  • No user interaction required
  • myhomehelper should be left on at all times
  • SMS and email alerts are sent to carers in the event of a power failure or Internet connection failure
  • Battery back up last 11 to 16 hours depending on the display chosen
  • If Internet connection is lost existing messages will continue to display but no new massages or news feeds may be added
  • Multi Language
  • Dimensions: 242mm (w), 190mm (h) 10mm (d) (9" x 7" x ")
  • Finalist in the National Dementia Care Awards 2014
  • Trialled by the Alzheimer's Society
  • Includes 12 month subscription to myhomehelper
  • After initial 12 month subscription myhomehelper will contact you to arrange further subscription as required
  • Includes on-line technical support
  • Includes 18 month warranty

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